Selenity Expenses


The most configurable expenses system for the NHS with an unparalleled customer base of over 200 NHS organisations presenting 67% of the NHS. Selenity Expenses now processes over £250 million of NHS workforce expenses per year, saving the NHS over £33 million each year.

67% of the NHS use Selenity Expenses. It continues to save the NHS millions of pounds per year. Streamlining the expenses process from submission to payment, on both desktop and mobile, for an unrivalled experience.  

Checking for compliance and offering visibility throughout, Selenity Expenses integrates seamlessly with ESR. 

It's the only expenses solution to offer integrated driver and vehicle checks ensuring you’re fully complying with your business travel duty of care obligations.

Featuring a superior level of journey validation, you can be confident your mileage calculations are providing market leading savings and actively reducing overspend.

Selenity Expenses captures an unapparelled level of data. Your personalised spend analysis report provides detailed information on your expense spend along with recommendations on how to drive even further savings. 

You'll have a clear understanding of how much the system is saving you through spend reduction and increased efficiency, providing a proven ROI.

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