Civica (formerly PSCAL) is the leading supplier of commissioning and costing software to the NHS. Our solutions help commissioners and providers to manage their finances based on timely, accurate information. By automating as much of the process as possible we free NHS staff from unnecessary work, giving them time to use information to better manage limited healthcare resources.

Company Profile

The combination of the Civica and PSCAL businesses forms one of the foremost specialist providers to the healthcare sector. Supplying more than 250 health service organisations with systems that streamline the management of care and improve patient services, the company is very well positioned to respond to current and future customer requirements and to support you through a period of significant change.

Civica  provides the definitive suite of financial software created specifically for healthcare delivery.  We know and understand the NHS, its working practices and its finances.  Performance is monitored and measured by robust methods using auditable data.  Crucially, you and your healthcare managers gain clear, accurate information that enables informed, effective decision making.

Our completely integrated solution that means there is no need for manual data collection and entry.  Our aim is to reduce the amount of time spent preparing reports and free you to manage your organisation.  We take complex data and make it easy to understand.  With Civica you can trust the information and develop sophisticated financial models that will enable you to measure, manage and maintain performance.

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