For more than 30 years Civica has been delivering critical software solutions to drive financial, clinical and operational efficiencies. We support frontline workers, clinicians and key decision-makers with precise insight to make informed decisions. The result is improved patient pathways, with tangible cost savings – unifying systems, people and processes. We specialise in:


•   Contracting & commissioning, underpinning efficient NHS contract management

•   Costing & service line reporting, delivering a clear view of activity & cost variation

•   Clinical information management, powering a single clinical view at point of care

•   ePrescribing & medicine administration, ensuring safety & efficiency for ePMA

•   Enabling comprehensive case management.


Contact us to learn more about Managed SLAM and CostMaster, our fully managed solutions securely hosted in the cloud and find out how your Trust can achieve cost savings and efficiencies, lower IT risk and improve performance.

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