3M is pleased to launch its 3M ™Medicode™ MHA (Medical History Assurance) Module at the HFMA Annual Conference 2016.

This finance-focused module will ensure relevant patient complication and comorbidity information is captured at the point of coding to safeguard the appropriate Trust income.


The intuitive module provides increasing levels of analytics to Trust users in the Coding, Informatics and Finance departments, allowing visibility of staff productivity, capability and importantly the ROI. Real time reports identify where the Medicode MHA module actively prompted the coder and when local knowledge was used to make appropriate alternative choices, saving time in review and query.


3M’s Health Information Systems Medicode encoder is an integral part of the clinical coding team in more than 100 NHS Trusts throughout the UK.  The trusted core encoder is enhanced by six additional modules designed to improve the accuracy of the data captured and ultimately ensure Trust activity is accurately recorded and appropriately reimbursed. If you would like to discuss which additional modules would benefit you, 3M representatives are present for the duration of this conference and will be happy to advise you.


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