Webinar / Working as one – the international perspective – New York

15:15, 8 July 2024 1 hour Online

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This webinar was sponsored by Solventum.

Jul 08

    Gain insights from Jason Helgerson on building sustainable healthcare relationships, learn about effective coordination of social services, and discover the keys to successful, community-led integrated care systems that drive continuous improvement and value-based outcomes.

    Join Jason Helgerson, a central figure in the development of New York's integrated care system (ICS), for an insightful webinar on building lasting relationships in healthcare. Jason will discuss the evolution of the ICS since its inception in 2014, highlighting the coordination of social services and non-profit providers, including meals and transport. He will explore the benefits of value-based contracts and specific accountability measures that have driven continuous improvement and rewarded progress within the system. Jason will identify key factors contributing to the staying power of community-led ICSs, sharing invaluable lessons learnt along the way.

    Jason Helgerson   / Founder & CEO , Helgerson Solutions Group
    Caroline Clarke  / Past president
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