NHS operating game - integrated

The NHS Operating Game - Integrated health and social care

The public sector is facing unprecedented challenges in times of increasing demand for health and social care services coupled with restricted funding.  NHS bodies are being asked to work together with local authorities in Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) to improve the patient experience and provide services more efficiently and effectively whilst saving money.

After years of working as independent organisations working to meet their own objectives, one of the main challenges faced by STPs is understanding the impact decisions made by one organisation is having on the whole health and social care system.

This game allows participants to understand the role of different organisations in the system.  For rounds 1 and 2, participants work in silos as individual organisations.  Round 3 is a re-run of round 2 but, this time, participants work together as a whole health economy.  Unlike real life, this game provides the opportunity for participants to see what happens if different decisions are made.

Participants are introduced to the way that money flows around the NHS and the wider public sector.  It also looks at how operational decisions can affect the financial position of an organisation as well as its quality rating.

Integrated game

Learning objectives

A training day, playing the game should result in participants understanding:

  • the different bodies in the health economy and the relationship between
  • the different roles that different bodies have as well as their differing
  • how patients move through the healthcare
  • how health and social care services are paid
  • how financial and clinical decisions are made
  • how those decisions impact on the performance of the NHS provider body both in terms of finance and quality of
  • the effect those decisions have on other bodies in the health
  • the impact decisions made on a system wide basis can have on the whole health economy

Delivery Methods

HFMA delivery day

The day is facilitated at your premises, by HFMA’s high calibre facilitators who have worked in NHS finance at board level for decades.

We guarantee a session that is Fun, Informative, Interactive and Insightful.

Relevant, real-life NHS training

Our Facilitators have all worked at board level for decades and bring relevant and real-life NHS experience to the operating game training days.

Want to know more?

Please contact the team on 0117 938 8350 or email stephanie.brown@hfma.org.uk

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