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Our facilitators

Our facilitators have years of practical experience within the NHS and wider healthcare community, many of those at board level. Their wealth of knowledge is transferred to participants during the day, bringing the training ‘to life’ and ensuring desired learning outcomes are achieved.

In one day our facilitators are able to de-mystify many of the misconceptions and misunderstandings that exist and deliver valuable insight to participants.

Our facilitator's aim is to assist participants to look outside of their silo and understand the challenges and constraints that all professionals and organisations within the NHS face. The facilitators help assist participants to gain a better understanding of the structure of the health system, as well as discovering integrated approaches to solutions.

Keely Firth:

Keely Firth is one of the HFMA's training facilitators for the NHS operating games. She is a former trustee of the HFMA and has spent over 30 years in NHS finance with a range of NHS bodies including chief finance officer of a clinical commissioning group and non-executive director at an acute foundation trust. She currently has a portfolio of roles, including Interim at a GP Federation and volunteer in the charitable sector.

Paul Dillon-Robinson:
Paul spent 17 years in the NHS in a variety of head of internal audit roles, including 8 years managing an NHS internal audit and counter-fraud consortium.  During this time he was active with the HFMA.  After 9 years as director of internal Audit in the House of Commons, he now combines a couple of non-executive roles with consultancy and various tutoring and training projects with the HFMA.

Audience and suitability

The games are used as an educational tool and to date have been delivered to over 2,000 individuals ranging from ward managers, consultants, operational managers, healthcare professionals, GPs, non-executives, graduates / trainees and finance staff. It works from ward to board.

Organisations that have used the game include all types of NHS providers and commissioners, arm’s length bodies, medical schools, pharmaceutical companies as well as other suppliers to the NHS

Hear what others who’ve attended a previous board game have to say

  • “Very educational, enhanced my knowledge on finances” Ward manager, acute ward
  • “Helped me understand the operational view point” Head of contracting
  • “Really enjoyed it, very good for team building and building confidence. I think this could be extended to many staff, clinicians and patients would find this beneficial” Head of primary care
  • “I enjoyed the day, it made me look at the role of finance in much more detail” Head of nursing
  • “Excellent concept, really challenging even to finance staff. It covers some complicated learning and transfers knowledge in a fun way” Assistant director of finance
  • “The day just flew by, I would like to get our trust to run for our budget holders” General manager
  • “The game is useful and very good at conveying the complexity of NHS decision making” Business development manager

Want to know more?

Please contact the team on 0117 457 3990 or email stephanie.brown@hfma.org.uk.

* This version of the game will be available later on in 2022 – further information to follow.

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