Event / Productivity, efficiency and value in healthcare 2024

09:30, 11 September 2024 1 day In-person 1 Bartholomew Close, London, EC1A 7BL

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This forum will cover a range of hot topics including productivity, efficiency, and waste reduction through keynotes and best practice case studies designed to stimulate debate and discussion. It aims to discuss how participants are approaching the challenge of increasing productivity and reducing waste.


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Sep 11

    Chair's opening comments

    Lee Outhwaite  / Chief finance officer NHS South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board

    This keynote address will explore the critical factors that contribute to a sustainable healthcare system. It will highlight the importance of long-term investment and efficient resource allocation. As a health economist with extensive experience in government and public policy, Anita will shed light on improving productivity and measuring healthcare outcomes effectively.

    Anita Charlesworth  / director of research and economics, The Health Foundation

    This session will cover details on the new the short, medium and long-term productivity plan being developed by NHS England with insights from the Office of National Statistics. The plan outlines three key areas of focus: promoting health over illness through preventative care and innovative care models, leveraging 21st-century technology to enhance IT systems and patient access, and maximising value for money by cutting duplication and reducing wait times.

    Yin Shi   / Deputy Director of Efficiency and Productivity Insight , NHS England
    Alfie Fielder   / Head of Efficiency Strategy , NHS England

    This session explores the transformative journey undertaken by Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust to address a significant financial deficit through a targeted reduction in variable pay expenditure using the Virginia Mason production system. Faced with an £8.6 million deficit in the first month, the Trust set an ambitious goal to cut variable pay by 35%. By implementing Rapid Process Improvement Workshops (RPIWs), the Trust achieved substantial savings. This session will outline how the RPIW process empowered teams to restructure operations, reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and maintain safety standards. It will also highlight the importance of collaboration, understanding the drivers of variable pay, and embedding these insights into daily management practices.

    Clare Smith   / Chief operating officer and deputy chief executive , Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust

    Over the past fifty years, clinical care has witnessed remarkable progress due to technological advancements and paradigm shifts. However, significant challenges persist within the NHS and other healthcare systems worldwide. These challenges include unwarranted variation in spending, inequity, undermeasured outcomes, and resource waste. This session will outline a proposal to address these issues, by redefining healthcare management through themes such as value-based care, stewardship, local problem-solving, waste reduction, and integrated technology. By embracing these transformative approaches, it is hoped a higher-value health and care system can be developed that benefits both patients and providers.

    Finance professionals have a leading role to play in this transformation to value-based healthcare which requires all services to work together for the population as well as each hospital or health centre treating the patients who reach it safely and efficiently.

    Muir Gray  / Founding Director, Oxford Centre for Triple Value Healthcare
    Lee Outhwaite  / Chief finance officer NHS South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board

    Drawing on extensive experience from various NHS roles and as a leading advocate for healthcare analysts, Jane will delve into the critical importance of skilled analysts in healthcare data. She will discuss strategies to support and nurture these professionals, thereby enhancing and retaining in-house analytical expertise within the NHS. Additionally, Jane will address the role of impactability modelling in managing population health risks and the significance of budget devolution in promoting preventive care. This session aims to provide a deeper understanding of these dynamics to improve health outcomes and optimise resource utilisation.

    Jane Johnston   / executive director of member services and independent healthcare data & analytics consultant , Association of Professional Healthcare Analysts (AphA) CIC

    Synopsis TBC

    Speaker TBC

    Chair's closing reflections

    Lee Outhwaite  / Chief finance officer NHS South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board
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