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How do I nominate?

Nominations are completed on our designated online platform. Click here to access it.

HFMA Awards 2020 categories:
New for 2020: Embracing technology

This is a brand new award for 2020, which recognises how teams have used technology and/or digital solutions to either support finance activities during the Covid-19 pandemic, or to improve financial processes in general.

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New for 2020: Overcoming adversity award

This brand new award for 2020 focuses on how finance teams have overcome the very significant challenges faced during the Covid-19 pandemic and supported their NHS organisation’s activities. The challenges could include, for example, working with reduced staffing levels, delivering significant growth in procurement or managing sizeable charitable donations.. 

Finance Director* of the Year

This award is for professional excellence in financial management and leadership. It recognises an individual’s contribution to their organisation’s financial performance and towards the improvement in healthcare locally or nationally in any of the four UK nations. 

Finance Team of the Year

This award recognises the contribution that the finance team has made in the last twelve months to promoting and improving teamwork, innovation, collaboration, transformation and governance.

Deputy Finance Director of the Year

This award is for professional excellence in financial management. It recognises both the support given by a deputy to their finance director and an individual’s contribution to an organisation’s financial performance and towards the improvement in healthcare locally or nationally.

Havelock Award

This award recognises a significant contribution made towards finance skills development. It recognises best practice in the training and development of finance staff or the raising of financial awareness and skills within the wider non-financial workforce. The award was established to commemorate the significant contribution Jon Havelock made to NHS finance staff development.

Working with Finance – Clinician of the Year

This award acknowledges the importance of clinical engagement in financial management and in particular recognises a clinician who has taken financial responsibility for their services, led efficiency or improvement programmes or provided an example for other clinicians by engaging with the financial management agenda.

Value and Innovation Award

The HFMA Value and Innovation Award aims to recognise a project or initiative that is both innovative and delivers improved value through maximising the outcomes which matter to people at the lowest possible cost.

Costing Award

The costing award focuses on improvements in costing processes and costing information that have led to better information for organisations to use when making decisions about service delivery.

Governance Award 

This award is given to an individual, team or organisation that has introduced a change (big or small) to its assurance, risk management or governance arrangements in order that the organisation as a whole is better able to achieve its objectives. The aim of the award is to promote a strong, integrated approach to governance.

For all queries regarding any of the awards, please contact Danielle Lucas.

Key dates

6pm on Friday 2 October 2020 – Deadline for entries

End of October 2020 – Shortlisted organisations announced and, where applicable, invited to present their application to the panel of judges

First two weeks of November – Interviews with short-listed candidates (where required)

Thursday 10 December 2020 – Winners announced at the HFMA’s annual awards dinner
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