Finance Competency Framework aims to reflect the changing needs on the NHS, building on the need for finance teams to become business partners with a broad strategic, commercial and financial focus.

The Competency Framework is designed to help every member of the finance team, from band 1 to band 8d. Whether you have a desire to progress, or simply want to do great job in your current role, the Framework is intended to help you plan your own development. 

The Technical Competencies are supported by a series of appendices, you can download both the overview document and all of the appendices you need below.
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Appendix 1 - Job Descriptions & Person Specifications
Appendix 2 - Appraisal and Performance Management
Appendix 3 - Competency Based Interviews
Appendix 4 - Individual Training Needs Analysis and Personal Development Planning
Appendix 5 - Mapping the KSF & the Finance Competencies
Mapping the KSF and the Finance Competencies
Finance Competencies
FSD Technical Competencies
NHS FSD Competencies