The challenges facing the NHS means that everyone has to do more for less. One of the most effective ways of engaging people and unlocking people’s potential is for managers to adopt a coaching style of leadership.

HFMA offer a coaching service which is tailored to suit individual requirements and will be based on an agreed period of time or number of sessions. Sessions are booked directly between the individual and the coach. Read our HFMA Executive Coaching Leaflet to find out more.

Mentoring is a partnership between two people it is a process in which the mentor offers guidance and support to a mentee, addressing issues identified by the mentee in a confidential manor. Mentors are there to help the mentee manage his or her learning. Where mentoring is encouraged in an organisation there tends to be more motivation and a positive culture. The FSD Network: Mentoring Guide provides an introduction to mentoring and a guide for mentors and mentees on the important aspects of a mentoring relationship.

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