The FSD Network have produced a series of documents providing useful tips and advice to successful personal and professional development. This section provides a wealth of resources for your review:

NHS Finance Competencies

Mapping the KSF & the Finance Competencies
Finance Competencies
FSD Technical Competencies
NHS FSD Competencies
Appendix 1 - Job Descriptions & Person Specifications
Appendix 2 - Appraisal and Performance Management
Appendix 3 - Competency Based Interviews
Appendix 4 - Individual Training Needs Analysis and Personal Development Planning
Appendix 5 - Mapping the KSF & the Finance Competencies

Personal Portfolio
FSD Personal Portfolio - Section 1 - Personal Information and Records
FSD Personal Portfolio - Assessing Skills, Knowledge and Competencies
FSD Personal Portfolio -Section 3 - The Training Guide
FSD Network PersonalPortfolioS4 - Finance Case Study
FSD Personal Portfolio - The Training Guide
FSD Personal Portfolio - Personal Development Planning- Plan
FSD Personal Portfolio - Job Descriptions and Objectives
FSD Personal Portfolio Intro

A guide to coaching and mentoring
FSD Network - Mentoring Guide
Coaching and Mentoring Revolution
HFMA Executive Coaching Leaflet
FSD Network - Coaching top tips
FSD Network Coaching Guide
FSD Network - Mentor Journal
FSD Network Mentee Journal

Appraisals & Performance Management

Individual Training Needs Analysis and Personal Development Planning
Appraisal and Performance Management
PersonalPortfolioS2 - Assessing Skills, Knowledge and Competence
Appraisals and PDPs

Building Effective Relationships
FSD Network TopTips - Relationship building
NHS TopTips For Relationships
NHS FSD TopTips Communicating Finance Info
FSD Network Top Tips - Making Partnerships Work

Getting the most out of your team

NHS TopTips For Influencing
Energising an existing team
Building a new team
Delegation top tips
FSD Network Top Tips - Delegation
FSD Network Top Tips - Making the most of your time

Handling Change
Uncertainty top tips
Times of change top tips
Effects of change top tips
FSD Network Top tips - Dealing with Uncertainty
FSD Network Top Tips - Dealing with the effects of change
FSD Network Top Tips - Leading others through Change

Recruitment & Selection
Job Descriptions & Person Specifications
Competency Based Interviews

Annual Reports
West Midlands FSD 2016-17 Annual Review Draft
West Midlands FSD 2017-18 Action Plan