Future-Focused Finance is about improving NHS finance for everyone; recognising the need for strong financial skills and understanding across all professional groups to deliver good patient care and value for tax payers. This national initiative has been designed to improve the quality of finance teams and financial management across the NHS. Delivery is through a range of networks, frameworks and toolkits, as well as events, workshops and other learning and development opportunities.

In 2018, the Finance Leadership Council refreshed their strategic aim and objectives. This means, with the support of the Finance Development Foundation and Skills Development Network, we’re working to develop a diverse, appropriately skilled, adaptable and resilient finance function and workforce, to ensure value for money and quality services for patients.

We have five delivery themes and each is supported by committed finance leaders from among the NHS:

Driving and Designing Finance to Adapt to System Change

Widening our scope of vision, responding to changing demands in a way that results in improvement.


Promoting good values, psychology, attitudes, beliefs and experiences.

Workforce & Leadership

Looking forward to identify the skills that the workforce will need in the coming 5-10 years and helping people develop those skills.

Engagement & Development

Equitable access to opportunities for all to develop their knowledge of NHS finance.

Efficiency & Value

Promoting ways of working that improve outcomes or reduce resources without compromising either.

Since launching, we have been working closely with FSD and HFMA to ensure we gain from the existing networks and experience in steering the strategic direction of the FFF programme. In March 2015 we established a Foundation, to secure the aims and objectives of FFF into the longer-term, with HFMA and the FSD network as founding partners. We have also signed an agreement with HFMA to be the prime strategic partner for the programme. In its role as prime partner, it contributes resources to FFF in the form of secretariat support to the FLC and the Foundation and provides the hosting arrangements for FFF budgets and contracting.

FFF has its own YouTube channel which contains update videos on the programme and footage from some of our events. You can also Follow FFF on Twitter @nhsfff #FutureFocusedFinance.

If you would like any further information on any of the above, please get in touch with the FFF central team who will be more than happy to help

FFF Contacts:


David Ellcock

Programme Director



Camilla Godfrey

Assistant Programme Director


Sophie Rowe
Programme Manager

Grace Lovelady
Programme Manager

Courtney Lawrence
Programme & Communications Co-Ordinator

For general enquiries, please email futurefocusedfinance@nhs.net