Scott Lavender: "I wanted to make a difference, for what is a very challenging time for the NHS."

by Scott Lavender

03 February 2016

West Midlands Graduate Trainee

Intake: February 2015

I joined the HFMA West Midlands Finance Apprenticeship Scheme in February 2015.  I have always wanted to have a career in finance and I was motivated to join the NHS so I can hopefully make a difference, for what is a very challenging time for the NHS.  

Whilst on the scheme I will be placed on three different placements. My current placement is with Shropshire Community Health Trust. It has been very enjoyable to work for the trust. I have already learnt many financial skills including analysing data, producing budget reports, producing costing for pay and non pay related costs.  

My four months with Shropshire have already significantly developed my financial knowledge. Being with the trust has also helped me to learn about the NHS and the involvement I have to play by being in a financial role. I have also been able to identify the main factors which are influencing this challenging time for the NHS. I am starting to see where improvements can be made.  

My skills on Excel have been improved due to producing analysis and financial reporting. This helped me with producing pivot reports and V lookups in particular. I developed an understanding of how Excel can be used as an important tool when ​working with financial data.

Whilst being on the scheme I am working to a level 3 and level 4 qualification in AAT. I hope they will allow me to gain a place on the HMFA Finance Graduate Scheme and to achieve a higher accounting qualification. My studies are currently going well and I passed the first three exams in level 3 AAT.  

In the next few months I hope to learn more at Shropshire Community Health Trust before I move to Stafford CCG where I will gain another view of looking at NHS finance and will improve my accounting knowledge. I also hope to pass the next couple of exams for my AAT Level 3.
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