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Learning experience

At the HFMA Academy, we recognise that learners are independent, adult learners with professional work roles and we respect that they will wish to make their own decisions about how and when they study. The HFMA Academy is accessible 24/7 and provides learners with an online learning environment designed so they can study with ease. 

You will be undertaking guided self-study via specially authored e-books containing learning activities and links to other relevant resources.  You will also have opportunities to engage with your peers and tutors in discussion forums as well as participating in weekly sessions in Academy Live (the online conferencing space). The Academy also offer a resource library which includes publications from HFMA and elsewhere, and guidance on academic study skills, referencing and plagiarism.

On average, you should expect to spend 13 to 15 hours studying each week, including the duration of the assessment period, depending on the qualification you are studying. Achieving the submission deadline is an important part of proving to yourself and us that you have succeeded in studying effectively over the preceding weeks.

Throughout, you will have dedicated tutors to guide and support you. The central administration and technical support teams are also available to help when necessary.

Study information

Study Week
Each study week runs from Wednesday to Tuesday, with live tutorial taking place towards the end of the week, usually on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday or occasionally another week day. There will be certain activities in the e-book which require completion prior to live sessions. These will be clearly marked as essential in the module overview.

Study Breaks
Throughout the 17-week module learners are given two study breaks usually at week three and seven. These study breaks are provided as an opportunity for learners to catch up on study if they have fallen behind due to personal or work-related commitments, or for them to engage further with the content and conduct some wider reading or research.

Learners are expected to attend all Academy Live sessions and to participate in the discussion forum several times each week. Understandably there may be some occasions where individuals are unable to attend the live session, in which case learners will be able to listen to live recording

Assessment and certification
Assessments assignment titles will be released online via the HFMA Academy.

During the module, usually at around week 6 or 7, learners will have the opportunity to submit a formative piece of work, in the form of an assessment plan or short piece of written work to gain feedback from their tutor. Individual details will be provided for each module.

End of module assessments are to be submitted online via The HFMA Academy and will be passed electronically to the HFMA Awarding Organisation for independent marking, ratification of marks and certification. It is anticipated that assessments will be marked within four weeks, at which point learners receive a provisional mark and written feedback which will be made available to them via The HFMA Academy.

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