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About us

The HFMA Academy officially opened in 2017 and offers a range of qualifications in healthcare business and finance.

The Academy already has hundreds of learners and a growing alumni. The Academy provides an Online Learning Environment (OLE) specifically built to offer access to online learning via seminars, interactive discussion forums, e-books and a comprehensive resource library as well as support from personal tutors and peers.

As well as the HFMA’s qualifications, the academy also delivers the diploma in advanced primary care management awarded by the National Association for Primary Care (NAPC). 

The HFMA Academy


"It has been most enjoyable meeting the learners online (including renewing some old acquaintances!) and supporting them. Some of the most memorable experiences for me have been the great debates which the modules have orchestrated, during which the learners have raised some really thought-provoking questions"

Letsie Tilley

Letsie Tilley

Qualifications Tutor, HFMA

"Undertaking my studies has already secured the next step on the career ladder into a CCG as an assistant director. My qualification and studies are also generating a greater depth to my approach to daily tasks and decision making process"

Tracy Parker

Tracy Parker

Strategy & Planning Accountant, Northern Lincolnshire & Goole NHS Foundation Trust

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