Just as it is important to have a long-term career plan, it is also crucial that you plan how you are going to finance your studies.

Fees for the qualifications are broken down into tuition fees and assessment fees.
Individuals who choose to take the assessment only are only required to pay the assessment and registration fees.

There are also discounts available to organisations putting forward multiple learners to study at the same time. These start at 15% and rise to 25% depending on the numbers of students involved.

Qualification Tuition fees Registration & assessment fees Total
Intermediate award  £419+VAT  £280+VAT  £699+VAT
Intermediate certificate  £495+VAT  £355+VAT  £850+VAT
Intermediate diploma  £1,330+VAT  £670+VAT  £2,000+VAT


HFMA will raise one invoice detailing the fee payable to the HFMA Awarding Organisation and the study centre where applicable. An invoice will be issued once a candidate has had their place approved and has returned their completed acceptance form.

If a learner opts to take the assessment only route, a fee will only be payable to the HFMA Awarding organisation