Tools for transforming services in the NHS

Intermediate award - optional module
10 credits, total study time: 100 hours (12 weeks)

The NHS is faced with increasing demand and greater patient expectations, but this usually comes at a higher financial cost. However, the public sector cannot continue to spend more money than it has available without significant system-wide consequences. When having to ‘do more’ with no additional resources, managing the money that is available efficiently and effectively is vital.  

This module focuses on understanding how planning helps NHS organisations to: establish an agreed way forward; set aims and objectives, develop a framework for day-to-day decisions; and be accountable for their performance. It also looks at ways to approach transformative change and how the case is made for change.

Topic content

  • Business planning and financial challenges
  • Approaches to transformation – lean; NHS RightCare etc.
  • Making the case for change - business cases and options appraisal
  • Investment/ disinvestment decisions

Learning outcomes

  • Identify the strategic and operational financial planning and budget management activities within a healthcare organisation in the UK
  • Describe the approaches used for transformation projects in the NHS
  • Describe the processes used in the NHS to produce business cases and carry out options appraisals


  • 2,000 word portfolio-based, work-related assessment

How finance works in the NHS
Core module

20 credits

Management skills
Optional module


Healthcare costing for adding value
Optional module


Governance and risk management in the NHS
Optional module