Management skills

Intermediate award - optional module
10 credits, total study time: 100 hours (12 weeks)

Managers and aspiring leaders in today’s NHS face immense challenges that require particular personal and professional characteristics. Faced by multiple and competing demands and priorities and as pressure on the need for change increases, innovative approaches, drive and the ability to make things happen are essential.

In a world of media, regulator and public scrutiny, this module will help the learner to gain greater self-awareness and a better understanding of a range of relevant skills that will enable them to manage and lead more effectively in their own organisations and across the healthcare system.  

Topics covered

  • Relationship management – understanding who you work with
  • Influencing, negotiating and managing conflict
  • Leadership
  • The role of communication
  • Business/ report writing
Learning outcomes
  • Describe how to manage relationships in the workplace and their potential impact on achieving business aims and objectives
  • Identify the skills and techniques used to influence others, to successfully negotiate and to manage conflict
  • Describe management roles and behaviours and how these may impact on organisations
  • Describe effective communication by a range of methods to meet audience needs


  • Learners will complete a 2,000 word portfolio-based, work-related assessment

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Core module

20 credits

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Optional module


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