Personal effectiveness and leadership

Advanced certificate - optional module
20 credits, total study time: 200 hours (17 weeks)

Leaders and aspiring leaders in today’s NHS face immense challenges that require particular personal and professional characteristics. As part of the management structure, faced by multiple and competing demands and priorities and as pressure on public finances increases, innovative approaches, drive and the ability to make things happen are paramount.

In a world of media, regulator and public scrutiny, this module will help the learner to greater self-awareness, an understanding of approaches to personal effectiveness and leadership in order to support the overriding objective of the NHS to deliver high quality care for all.

Topics content:

  • Different leadership theories and approaches
  • Leadership in context
  • Leadership competencies and behaviours
  • Motivation and handling conflict
  • The role of communication
  • Presenting effectively
  • Managing teams
  • Approaches to influencing
  • Self-management and prioritisation
  • Commitment and confidence

Learning outcomes

  • Assess, critically evaluate and reflect on how the performance and delivery of services by an organisation can be affected by: 
    - The influence and role of leaders and individuals 
    - Leadership styles, competencies and behaviours 
    - Approaches to communication
    - Strategies to engage, motivate and performance manage teams and individuals  
    - Sources of conflict and resolution techniques
  • Critically evaluate and reflect on their leadership style, personal effectiveness and leadership skills


  • Learners will complete an assessment based on their personal effectiveness and/or leadership in a current/ recent work context. This will require creation of a personal development plan (not submitted) on which the candidate must draw in writing the assessment

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