Managing the healthcare business

Advanced certificate - optional module
20 credits, total study time: 200 hours (17 weeks)

In the NHS today there is increasing demand and greater patient and public expectations, but this usually comes at a higher financial cost. Indeed, many healthcare providers are running significant deficits. However, the public sector cannot continue to spend more money than it has available without significant system-wide consequences. When having to ‘do more’ with no additional resources, managing the money that is available efficiently and effectively is vital in demonstrating that public money has been used wisely and well, for its intended purpose. All public sector organisations have a duty to plan how their resources will be used to meet their objectives and an accountability to report what actually happens to the Government and the public.

This module will help learners to understand how planning, reporting and governance arrangements in the NHS help organisations to: establish an agreed way forward; set aims and objectives, how these will be achieved and by when; develop a framework for day-to-day decisions; and be accountable for their performance.

Topics covered

  • Introduction to governance and management 
  • The regulatory regime 
  • Effective management and governance 
  • Risk management and assessment 
  • Introduction to business finance
  • Business planning
  • Financial planning in the NHS
  • Annual reporting
  • Treasury management
  • Charitable funds and taxation 

Learning outcomes

  • Critically evaluate the strategic and operational financial planning and budget management within a healthcare organisation in the UK
  • Critically analyse the effectiveness of financial management in healthcare organisations across the UK
  • Critically compare the annual report and financial accounts of healthcare organisations across the UK
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of governance policy, structure and processes in a healthcare organisation in the UK
  • Evaluate risk management techniques and develop risk management strategies, including recommending how risks can be identified and managed more effectively

  • Learners will complete a 4,000 word portfolio-based assessment

Making finance work in the NHS 
Core module


Comparative healthcare systems
Optional module


Personal effectiveness and leadership 
Optional module

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