Strategic management - BPP module 2

MBA (year 3) with BPP university - Compulsory module
15 credits

After studying this module, you will

  • Evaluate and contribute to the strategic management of an organisation
  • Evaluate the competitive position of an organisation
  • Translate strategy into organisation action
  • Understand the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility, Governance, Business Ethics and Technology
  • Experience of strategy in action through participation in a business strategy simulation

On successfully completing this module, you will be able to

  • Research and analyse the structure and development of the healthcare and other industries
  • Evaluate the strategic position and performance of an organisation
  • Evaluate the resources and capabilities of an organisation in relation to its competitors
  • Evaluate strategic direction and options for an organisation
  • Develop strategies that are both ethical and sustainable


  • a variety of methods, typically around a 3,500 word assignment/report