Healthcare consultancy project - BPP module 3

MBA (year 3) with BPP university - Compulsory module
30 credits

After studying this module, you will 

  • Identify contemporary issues in healthcare management
  • Integrate theories and concepts drawn from different subject areas
  • Develop and implement strategies in data collection, analysis, synthesis and building well-structured arguments
  • Develop writing and communication skills
  • Develop personal judgment, initiative and personal management skills

On successfully completing this module, you will be able to

  • Demonstrate the knowledge of theory and the ability to apply it in the context of healthcare
  • Exercise appropriate judgment in the planning, selecting and collecting of evidence
  • Generate recommendations which will contribute to business success
  • Communicate complex information succinctly, effectively and appropriately via different forms
  • Develop problem-solving competencies



  • 7,500 word Business Consultancy Report