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Victoria Milligan

Victoria is a strong, positive yet empathetic lady, who has been through the unimaginable and understands from personal experience the tools and strategies needed to navigate life’s challenges and stresses.

Back in May 2013 Victoria and her family were involved in a tragic speedboat accident, which took the life of her husband Nick and daughter Emily.  Victoria also lost the lower half of her left leg.  Since the accident she has had to find the strength and resilience to overcome her losses, cope with her own grief and that of her children, learn to walk on a prosthetic leg and adjust to life as a widow and single parent to her three surviving children. 

None of us know how strong we are until we are truly tested but Victoria believes that we all have the power to overcome whatever life throws at us.  However it is not easy and we need tools, strategy and inspiration to thrive against the odds.  She understands te importance of developing resilience in this ever changing world, accepting where we are and then adapting to our new normal.  Change will happen and we must embrace it, learn from it and move forward.  Her credentials come from having experienced real loss and tragedy and the lessons she has learnt from her experience. 

Having been thrown into the media spotlight after the accident, she has continued to tell her story and share what she has learnt from her experience in the media.  Victoria is currently writing a book and is also a regular on ITV’s Lorraine show mentoring viewers who are struggling with certain aspects or their lives.  She has also appeared on ITV’s This Morning answering phone ins and The Wright Stuff on C5.  Victoria has attended the Woman of the Year lunch for the past three years, sitting on Lorraine's panel to choose her Inspirational Woman of the Year and has also written articles for various newspapers and magazines, including The Sunday Times, Style Magazine, The Times, The Daily Mail, Good Housekeeping, You magazine etc.

Victoria continues to share her story and inspire others to cope with their own challenges through motivational speaking.  She spoke at a TEDx conference last year and her message has as much resonance in schools to teenagers struggling with self confidence and exam stress as it has corporately.  Her courage and bravery, in light of what she has lost, will inspire- e anyone to face their challenges head on and not hide away from their emotions.   

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