Samantha Riley

Samantha Riley, NHS

Samantha has worked for the NHS for over 20 years holding a variety of  improvement focussed roles in different areas of the health sector including leading a system wide improvement program in West London, undertaking a national improvement role with the Modernisation Agency, leading the national roll out of the Friends and Family Test and establishing the South East Coast Quality Observatory.

Samantha is passionate about the utilisation of data and information to support improvements in patient care and is a self-confessed ‘information junkie’.  In particular, Samantha is a proponent of using Statistical Process Control (SPC) to look at data rather than two point comparisons and Red Amber Green (RAG).  Samantha recently presided over the development of Making Data Count and over the past 12 months has undertaken a considerable amount of work with Trust boards to help them understand how to use data to better effect.  As a result of this work 100% of boards have make the decision to move away from RAG reporting and adopted SPC as their preferred approach.

Samantha has a large collection of techie SPC books, sunglasses and an impressive shoe collection.

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