Tim Kendall

Professor Tim Kendall

National Clinical Director for Mental Health, NHS England

Professor Tim Kendall was appointed as National Clinical Director for Mental Health in England in April 2016.  He is also Director of the National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health at the Royal College of Psychiatrists (NCCMH) and has been for 15 years; as well as Visiting Professor at University College London for the last 8 years.   He has also been Medical Director for 13 years and continues as Medical Director for Research and Consultant Psychiatrist for the homeless at Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust. 

As Medical Director, Tim has set up a service user experience monitoring unit, led the reconfiguration of acute care and rehabilitation leading to the elimination of out of area treatments, the modernisation of the acute and crisis care pathways and initiated the development of NICE recommended personality disorder services within the community.

Tim chaired the first NICE guideline, launched in December 2002, on the management of schizophrenia, and since then Tim and the NCCMH has produced more than 30 NICE guidelines covering almost all the main areas of mental health in adults, young people and children.  A number of these guidelines have been adopted in other countries, including Australia, California and Italy.  Tim also chaired the first National Quality Standard (Dementia) for NICE, and led a team to produce the first NICE guideline and first NICE quality standard developed outside the UK (Turkey and Georgia).  He has also undertaken work for NICE International and the OECD, including a review of mental health services in South Korea. 

Tim has published numerous articles and papers and often represents the NCCMH, NICE or the Royal College of Psychiatrists in the media.  In 2004 Tim, along with others from the NCCMH, was awarded “Lancet Paper of the Year” for showing the impact of selective publishing by the drug industry about antidepressants in the treatment of childhood depression; and with others was awarded the Paper of the Year Award for the Health Economic Journal ‘Value in Health’ in 2012 for work on schizophrenia.

The NCCMH is now working with NHSE and NICE to help introduce Access and Waiting Time standards into mental health and the development of safe, effective and compassionate staffing for mental health on behalf of NHS Improvement. Tim is also working with NHSI on the Carter Review of community and mental health productivity.

As NCD for mental health, Tim is responsible for providing clinical advice and direction in mental health for NHSE, especially with regard to the 5 Year Forward View for Mental Health, for the Secretary of State, ministers and government more broadly; and for the Department of Health and other government departments. He works with other National Clinical Directors, including for children and maternity, and works closely with a group of Associate National Clinical Directors for parts of mental health including secure care and perinatal mental health.

Tim continues to work clinically with homeless people within the Homeless Assessment and Support Team which is based within a primary care mental health setting in Sheffield, working with homeless and roofless people with mental heath problems.

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