Louise McAlinden

Louise McAlinden, ACCA

Louise has worked for ACCA for nearly 14 years previously in a business development role she now manages the team who looks after University and Future Member engagement for the UK.  Part of Louise’s role is to ensure ACCA builds robust partnerships with UK universities ensuring that students  are aware of the benefits of ACCA and the resources we have available whilst also educating them on what is required to become an ACCA member. Louise and the team work hard to ensure university students are aware that ACCA is the professional body of choice and more recently this has included running internship programmes and embedding ACCA content within the university curriculum. 

Louise has a vast experience of presenting at universities, future member conferences and panel discussions with other professional bodies.  More recently Louise and the team have also taken on the responsibility of shaping how ACCA communicate with future members who have left university and are actively studying for their exams creating communities of like minded students and making changes to the way we engage with them and the resources we provide for them to pass exams and more recently the wellbeing  hub which as been a great resource for our students.

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