Jackie Kennedy 2 (200x200)

Jax Kennedy, Campaigner for Disability Rights & Equality, Hate Crime Champion, Co-Facilitator of Realising Change (Coproduction Group)

Jax is passionate about the NHS and how everyone works together to ensure we have a service that will fulfil the needs of future generations. Jax firmly believes that Personal Health Budgets are the future of our NHS service; it will allow Citizens to have choice and Control of how they access services for their needs, PHB’s do save the NHS thousands of pounds, Jax iis evidence of that. Jax' PHB has been used creatively allowing her to have her Canine Partner, Kingston recognised by the NHS as a PA, thus saving Over £120,000 per year in care costs alone.

Jax has seen first-hand how PHB’s have transformed not only her life but also that of her peers. Jax and her peers are now enjoying fulfilling and productive lives where they are “LIVING” and Not just existing.

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