Iain Crossley

Iain Crossley
Tutor and Module Lead, HFMA 

Iain is an HFMA masters-level tutor, coach, and mentor, helping NHS leaders and clinicians to understand and challenge NHS business and finance systems, an active listener and career development specialist. He enjoys helping people navigate through the complexity and ambiguities of competing NHS priorities to achieve career goals and influence the strategic direction of integrated care systems.

He is passionate about improving the learning and development opportunities for aspirant NHS leaders and has designed and delivered on-line masters-level courses and programmes exploring NHS leadership, business and finance systems, decision-making to create and deliver value, personalised care, and patient level-costing. 

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, a Business Finance Professional, and a member of the Institute of Taxation and has an MBA from Lancaster University Business School.

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