Heather Case

Heather Case
Head of Dorset intelligence and insight Service (DiiS), Dorset County Hospital hosting on behalf of the ICS 

Having moved to London from Dorset for university, Heather moved back almost six years ago and into the NHS for the first time.

Heather has worked in a number of change and delivery roles prior to joining the NHS in the prison service, national policing and law enforcement agencies and other government departments, as both crown servant and independent consultant. Heather has delivered technical and business change projects and programmes across all these sectors enabling the sharing of data and analytical intelligence to effect long lasting change to ways of working and operational outcomes. 

The focus of the last four years has been the development of data and analytics platforms to support Dorset’s transition into an ICS. The Dorset Intelligence & Insight Service (DiiS) is the latest capability we have to support the ICS to truly develop integrated health and care and use the power of data to better understand our population and communities and plan services more fit for purpose to keep
people well for longer – or population health management in other words.

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