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Drive your career forward

Whether you are looking to progress to the next level, improve your confidence or develop your understanding of how to address the financial and business challenges facing today’s health and social care market – studying our qualifications can help you get there.

You can download our prospectus here to find out more. Or apply for the diploma or higher diploma here.

The Knowledge you need

The HFMA's Diploma and Higher Diploma offer 6 modules covering topics from 'How finance works in the NHS' to 'Creating and delivering value'. All of our modules have been written by highly experienced experts in the field of healthcare business & finance to help better inform NHS staff on key subjects. See below:


Pathway to an MBA...

Our partner, BPP University, is developing and working to validate an MBA top up in healthcare finance. On completion of the HFMA higher diploma, students may apply to study for BPP’s 60 credit masters top up and achieve an MBA in healthcare finance (subject to programme validation). Further information is available upon entry to the HFMA programme.

HFMA’s qualifications are aimed at a wide range of professionals working in healthcare or a related field. This includes finance staff at all levels, general management, clinicians, nurses, GPs, practice managers, other healthcare professionals and non-executive directors.

What are the benefits?

  • Gain masters-level qualifications via flexible online learning
  • Participate in a programme from a highly respected source of training, education and professional development
  • Develop your understanding of how to address the financial challenges facing today's health and social care market
  • Study a range of challenging and relevant topics that will enhance your knowledge, broaden your horizons and help to improve your career prospects
  • Providing you with a route to achieving an MBA in healthcare business and finance
  • Learn from highly experienced experts in the field of healthcare and finance

"NHS Improvement fully supports the launch of HFMA’s qualifications in healthcare business and finance. This approach to developing necessary knowledge, to deliver value across the NHS will be welcomed by the healthcare community."

Bob Alexander Deputy CEO / Executive Director of Resources NHS Improvement