NHS England and NHS Improvement funding

The NHS Improvement and NHS England bursary funding is available to all HFMA members working in NHS in England. The bursary is allocated on a first come, first served basis and only available for advanced qualifications in healthcare business and finance.

The bursary does not apply to the level 4 qualifications.

Conditions and eligibility criteria applies. Eligible applicants who wish to receive NHSI and NHS England funding towards their study should indicate so in their level 7 application form.

 Fees Available funding Total
Level 7 advanced certificate £1,500+VAT £250* £1,250+VAT
Level 7 advanced diploma £4,000+VAT £1,000* £3,000+VAT
Level 7 advanced higher diploma £4,000+VAT £1,000* £3,000+VAT
*Only valid for the May 2019 intake on a first-come first-served basis and for as long as funding is available.
HFMA devolved nations branch bursary

Funding is also available for HFMA members from the devolved nations through your HFMA branch.

£600 is available for applicants of the level 7 advanced diploma or higher diploma, or £200 is available for study of the level 7 advanced certificate.

Branch funding is allocated on a first come first served basis, eligible applicants should indicate they wish to receive branch funding in their level 7 application form. Eligibility criteria apply.