NHS England and NHS Improvement funding

The NHS Improvement and NHS England bursary funding is available to all HFMA members working in NHS in England. The bursary is allocated on a first come, first served basis and only available for advanced qualifications in healthcare business and finance.

The bursary does not apply to the level 4 qualifications.

Conditions and eligibility criteria applies. Eligible applicants who wish to receive NHSI and NHS England funding towards their study should indicate so in their level 7 application form.

 Fees Available funding Total
Level 7 advanced certificate £1,500+VAT £250* £1,250+VAT
Level 7 advanced diploma £4,000+VAT £1,000* £3,000+VAT
Level 7 advanced higher diploma £4,000+VAT £1,000* £3,000+VAT
*Only valid for the January 2019 intake on a first come first served basis.
HFMA devolved nations branch bursary

Funding is also available for HFMA members from the devolved nations through your HFMA branch.

£600 is available for applicants of the level 7 advanced diploma or higher diploma, or £200 is available for study of the level 7 advanced certificate.

Branch funding is allocated on a first come first served basis, eligible applicants should indicate they wish to receive branch funding in their level 7 application form. Eligibility criteria apply.

Professional career development loan

The HFMA advanced diploma in healthcare business and finance is registered as a qualification on the professional career development loan (PCDL) register. 

PCDL are bank loans that have to be paid back.

  • You start repaying the loan (plus interest at a reduced rate) 1 month after leaving your course
  • The government pays the interest while you study and for 1 month after you leave your course
  • Providers may vary but a professional and career development loan typically ranges from £300 to £10,000
  • After this time, you start repaying the loan and interest
  • You have to repay your loan even if you don’t complete the course or your course provider goes out of business.
  • The PCDL can be used in conjunction with the NHSI/E bursary to fund your studies with HFMA

Applications for this loan can be submitted up to 25 January 2019. Information on how to apply for the Professional and Career Development Loan can be found at here www.gov.uk/career-development-loans. Other government grants and bursaries for adult learners can be found here https://www.gov.uk/grant-bursary-adult-learners