HFMA London Branch Personal Resilience using Mindfulness Techniques

25 June 2019 - 25 June 2019

110 Rochester Row

As a result of attending this course participants will:
  • Have a sense of what it means to be more present and attentive to life vs living life in autopilot
  • Have experienced short simple practises to weave into everyday life that with regular use can help increase resilience, focus and clarity and the ability to better manage stressful situations in a professional and personal capacity. 
  • Practise ways to raise self-awareness to be better able to balance inner reflection with outer action and to choose a wiser and more skilful course of action in any situation. 
  • Find greater clarity & focus
  • Ease stress and worry
  • Respond more creatively to challenges at work and at home. 

Suitable for: 

Finance professionals, whether they feel on top form and are looking to find greater purpose in their lives or whether they feel quite low mentally, physically or emotionally. Everyone can benefit from making the time to re-engage with themselves in a more mindful way.