Eastern branch introduction to NHS finance 2018

29 January 2018

2-4 Victoria House, Capital Park, Fulbourn

About this event
The Introduction to NHS Finance event is designed to give a basic grasp of how the NHS works and how it’s financed, while explaining the bewildering array of jargons and acronyms.

In addition, each delegate will be provided with their own copy of the latest edition of the Introductory Guide to NHS Finance to take away - widely recognised as ‘the bible’ of NHS Finance.

Who is this event for?
• Those who are new to NHS Finance (including finance staff working in Social Enterprises and other non-NHS organisations);
• Those not working directly in NHS Finance (eg Clinical Commissioners, Practice Managers, etc)

How would you benefit from attending?
Attendance at this event will provide delegates with a better understanding of NHS Financial issues in their current or next role aswell as providing CPD hours and networking opportunities.


2-4 Victoria House, Capital Park, Fulbourn, Fulbourn, CB21 5XB