Boosting Up - Boosting your personal resilience

Please note as this is a joint event bookings are available via

27 May 2022 - 27 May 2022


HFMA Northern Branch & NENC Skills Development Network would like to invite you to attend a 60 minute virtual lunch time session with John Sunderland-Wright - JS Achieve

12:30 - 13:30 via Zoom

This session provides delegates with an overview of how to build their stress resilience through using simple tools and techniques that impact on their physiological, emotional and cognitive resilience and well-being. 

The session is backed up by the latest research into neuroscience and HRV science. It also provides advice and guidance on how to improve energy levels and sleep. You will get to practice these simple and easy to use techniques that bring immediate benefits in building your resilience and dealing with the stresses of work and home. 

• What we mean by resilience and how it links to your well-being
• How our resilience is compromised and how it affects our body
• Use biofeedback (Cardio) to control our biology by manipulating our heart 
• A range of tools and techniques to help them increase their energy 
• How to get the most from your brain and look after it
• Key foods for brain health and how to eat mindfully
• How to improve your sleep
• The skills of mindfulness and how to meditate in the moment

Please note as this is a joint event bookings are available via
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