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A game-changer for NHS finance

Ensuring staff have a sound grasp of how the money flows through the NHS, how services are paid for and how best value can be obtained is critical to the future success and sustainability of
every NHS body.

The NHS Operating Game is a highly effective training tool that is a real game-changer for NHS finance. It transforms the way clinicians and non-clinicians interact in their daily decision-making by increasing their financial awareness through game-play.

The board game is team-based and involves players making collective, strategic decisions about some of the real-life challenges faced by healthcare professionals working in acute and emergency care.

Players learn how their response to daily pressures such as lack of staff, bed availability and outbreaks of infection can massively impact on managing patient care standards and resources.

It’s been designed to help the NHS achieve the best financial and clinical outcomes through effective decision-making and collaboration.

Learning with The NHS Operating Game: 

Based on running an acute hospital, The NHS Operating Game is a highly effective, interactive training tool that develops financial awareness in an engaging, collaborative atmosphere.

It provides a non-threatening, yet competitive environment raising awareness of the impact of day-to-day decisions,

Summarises and reinforces important information in an easy-to-grasp format
Reduces the time needed to learn, remember, and apply knowledge 
Promotes discussion, collaboration, and builds communication
A fun and engaging team building activity.

Find out more:

Contact: Daniel Randell 
Call: 0117 938 8315
Email: daniel.randell@hfma.org.uk

Quote from Asi Ogunjobi

''Excellent ​session. Have gained a greater understanding of finances within an NHS Trust. I learnt that quality should not be compromised over profit. I though the finance game was an excellent training tool.''


How the game works

The game is played over a full day; there are ​5 teams, 4 rounds and ​10 simple steps. Maximum recommended number of participants is 20 (although the game can be played with higher numbers (25) in exceptional cases, if option 2 is selected).

10 simple steps played during the game can be view here.

Participants are encouraged to challenge, question and review their decisions, this will help them adapt their strategy ​during the next round.


HFMA offer two delivery packages, flexible to your requirements:

Option 1: ​Annual licence

This is a suitable option if you would like to train multiple groups within your organisation. HFMA train a small pool of your staff to facilitate the game - offering you the flexibility to run the training as frequently and for as many people as suits your organisation.  

Option 2: NHS Operating Game delivered by HFMA

This is a suitable option if you would like to use ​The Operating ​Game just once. HFMA can come to your organisation and facilitate the game for a maximum of 20 people. All material will be provided.