Sam Dukes
Branching out
by Sam Dukes
11 April 2017

The recent HFMA branches conference highlighted the variety of ways branches are bringing their local finance communities closer together.

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Mark Orchard
President’s tour: Yorkshire and Humber
by Mark Orchard
30 January 2017

Writing this short blog on my long train journey home from Scunthorpe to Fareham, my thoughts turned to what I had taken away from the first of my 13 HFMA branch conference appearances as national president.

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John Yarnold
Clearing the STP obstacles
by John Yarnold
05 January 2017

Final sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) were published in the middle of December and now we can clearly see the gap between the ambition and reality.

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Dr Sally Lewis
Finance and medicine – a clash of worlds?
by Dr Sally Lewis
23 November 2016

The relationship between clinicians and financial managers in the NHS has often been fraught with tension and misunderstanding, but arguably has never been more important than in the current environment.

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 Nigel Davies
Keep abreast of NHS charity developments
by Nigel Davies
06 September 2016

The Charity Commission is, of course, keen for NHS practitioners to keep up-to-date with recent developments in charity accounting and governance, but we also want to hear their views on the future of charitable funds reporting.

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Ben Renshaw
HFMA Awards 2016 - embracing the digital age
by Ben Renshaw
13 June 2016

There are two particularly testing times of year in terms of the award programme and we are currently right in the midst of the first of these. There are a significant number of steps, procedures and actions that all need to take place before we can ‘press go’ on the HFMA National Healthcare Finance Awards each year in June.

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