Module insight: Comparative healthcare systems

by Letsie Tilley - Qualifications

26 July 2017

You may be considering studying the HFMA Qualifications programme, but are unsure which modules to study. For something completely different, I recommend studying the module on comparative healthcare systems (O5). This module provides you with examples of different experiences from around the world for you to draw on, so you can apply the best practice to your current or future management role. It will give you an opportunity to evaluate different global healthcare systems, consider their sustainability and critically analyse the advantages and disadvantages of each of the main systems.

I am passionate about healthcare provision and about supporting leadership and personal development, so I was delighted to be involved in the qualifications programme as module leader and tutor for this module. Previously to this role, I have worked in senior NHS finance management roles for 30 years including 20 years as the board-level finance director and I am now living permanently in France. As one of the tutors of the HFMA programme, I will be presenting several of the weekly live on-line sessions, supporting learners in their studies to develop critical thinking by exploring and challenging different health systems and concepts.

As part of this module, drawing on my experience of living and working in France, I will provide you with real life examples of how the French Healthcare System works day to day and how it differs from the UK system.

For the past 8 months, we have been working hard testing the modules by piloting them with the help of a number of learners, drawn from a range of different healthcare professions. I have really enjoyed tutoring on the pilot programme of both this module and on the Managing the Healthcare Business (O1) module. I am grateful to all the learners who have given feedback on the content and style of presentation of the pilot modules, to enable us to make further improvements and provide the best learning outcomes for our learners.

It has been most enjoyable meeting the learners online (including renewing some old acquaintances!) and supporting them. Some of the most memorable experiences for me have been the great debates which the modules have orchestrated, during which the learners have raised some really thought-provoking questions. This has led to highly valuable sharing of knowledge and experiences and of course, all of us continuing to learn from each other.

To find out more about the HFMA qualifications programme please contact our team 0117 938 8989 or click here. You can download the prospectus here

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