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HFMA apprenticeships for employers

Apprenticeships are a key way for people to learn on the job, both for new starters to the NHS and for existing members of staff, allowing learners the opportunity to gain a qualification and apply their learning while continuing to earn a salary.

Our first apprenticeship will be the level 4 accounting apprenticeship in early 2020.

How can apprenticeship benefit your organisation?

The HFMA has developed apprenticeships that are enhanced with healthcare specific context. We have been working with existing providers to deliver core elements of support function apprenticeships to the highest standard. Our first apprenticeship will be the level 4 accounting apprenticeship in early 2020. We will then be aiming to offer accountancy level 7 and our MBA later in 2020.

What is the apprenticeship levy?

Since the start of April 2017, organisations in the UK with a payroll over £3 million have been paying 0.5% of their payroll value into an apprenticeship levy. This money can only be spent on formal apprenticeship programmes with registered training and employer providers. 

There has been disappointment that the levy has not been able to be used to its full extent, so it is, at the moment, a cost pressure for organisations. The HFMA has been working hard to ensure the NHS finance community can make the most of this opportunity and do not lose this money.

Opportunities for your organisation

The apprenticeship levy provides a fantastic opportunity for your organisation to invest in the development of either existing staff or new recruits. Apprenticeship programmes give your organisation the opportunity to develop existing and new staff, whatever their current skill level. Our apprenticeships are relevant to staff of all ages and can be undertaken by new and existing employees.

Many organisations are not fully utilising their apprenticeship levy and are just focusing on clinical apprenticeships. There remains an opportunity to optimise use of the levy through key support function apprenticeships in areas such as finance, HR, business administration, digital and MBAs.

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