Apprenticeships for employers

The HFMA has developed accounting apprenticeships that are enhanced with healthcare specific content, to provide a unique offering for the NHS.

Apprenticeships are a key way for people to learn on the job, both for new starters to the NHS and for existing members of staff. Learners have the opportunity to gain a qualification and apply their learning whilst working.

How can apprenticeships benefit your organisation?

The HFMA has developed apprenticeships that are enhanced with healthcare specific context. Utilise your levy funding to invest into developing and upskilling staff, providing accounting qualifications and supporting staff retention & rewards. We have been working with existing providers to deliver core elements of support function apprenticeships to the highest standard.

How can an apprenticeship benefit your staff?

Develop relevant knowledge, skills and behaviours through the programme, that are specific to the NHS and healthcare landscape. Through the programme apprentices will gain an AAT accounting qualification (level 3 or 4 depending on their programme).

Who are apprenticeships for?

Any permanent member of staff can be signed up to the HFMA accounting apprenticeship by their employer. This will include existing employees or new recruits. Some conditions on education and experience will need to be assessed on application.

How much will an HFMA apprenticeship cost?

The HFMA programmes costs £8000, which comes directly from the apprenticeship levy. Payments are spread over the duration of the apprenticeship. There are additional fees of approximately £300 for the accountancy exam entrance which cannot be claimed against the levy.

How does the levy work in the NHS?

The apprenticeship levy provides a fantastic opportunity for your organisation to invest in the development of staff.

Since April 2017, organisations in the UK with a payroll over £3 million have been paying 0.5% of their payroll value into an apprenticeship levy. The HFMA has been working hard to ensure the NHS can utilise this funding for relevant apprenticeships.

How do I register apprentices?

To register an apprentice please book a consultation call with the HFMA apprenticeship team. Our dedicated team will provide you with full details of our programmes and the registration process.

How does 20% off the job training work?

It needs to be the case that apprentices are not undertaking normal day-to-day duties and that their time is being spent in some form of training or development relevant to the apprenticeship they are completing.

20% doesn’t have to be one day per week, as long as in its entirety 20% of the programme has been spent in training and development.

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"I decided to enrol on the HFMA level 4 Professional Accounting Apprenticeship so I could finally complete my AAT. I am proud that Mersey Care will be supporting my development and I look forward to the next 18 months with HFMA by my side."

Natalie Hooper, finance operations manager, Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust


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