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The myths about apprenticeships...


You can’t do an apprenticeship if already in full time work?

Fact: Apprenticeships are not just for school leavers, but also for employees in full-time work. You can become an apprentice while still working in your current role to gain professional qualifications and the skills you need for career progression. It is a great way to gain a professional qualification, be supported whilst you learn, with all courses paid for whilst still receiving your salary. The key requirement is that you work in a relevant job role.  

You must be straight out of school to do an apprenticeship?

Fact: There are very few limiting factors now in being eligible for an apprenticeship. The entry requirements are set by the employer, but an apprentice can be any age and from any background. The only limiting factor is that you have not already studied what is in your apprenticeship.  

A graduate can’t do an apprenticeship? 

Fact: There are no age limitations and you can also be a graduate. The only limiting factor is that you have not already studied what is in your apprenticeship.  

20% off the job learning means a day a week at college?

Fact: This is not the case and training can happen in the workplace. To count it needs to be case that apprentices are not undertaking normal day-to-day duties and that their time is being spent in some form of training or development relevant to the apprenticeship standard they are completing.

20% doesn’t mean one day per week as long as in its entirety 20% of the programme has been spent in training and development. Areas that can be taken into account are:

- Inductions
- Time off in lieu for study leave outside of work hours
- Secondments
- Development opportunities

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