New look for a new era

A new look for a new era

The same HFMA, a new look. Here to support you now and into the future.

As we have done for over 70 years, the HFMA continues to look for new ways to best support the NHS and our members, now and into the future. We’ve introduced a new look to the HFMA brand to signal our commitment to this, making our content more digitally friendly and accessible to all.

What has changed?

From December you will see the ‘HFMA green’ and new supporting colours across the HFMA website and all HFMA content. Our new palette of colours has been specifically chosen to be more readable across digital platforms to increase inclusivity.

Why has the HFMA updated its brand colours?

After an extended period of change, the healthcare sector has had to adapt quickly in ways that we had never imagined before. The HFMA has also reviewed and changed its approach to member services to keep pace with the changing landscape of the health service and to remain relevant to our healthcare finance community. 

With this in mind, we have updated the association’s look to reflect this change and to signal our move to supporting a health service of the future.

The HFMA’s change of its brand colours supports the association to realign its approach to key strategic goals and values including:

1. An accessible and digital organisation – ensuring our online content delivers an accessible experience to all our members. We have chosen new brand colours that allow us to produce digital content that meets online accessibility standards for screen reading.

2. Affordable, accessible, relevant – continuing to provide high-quality, high-value and relevant services to our community to fit the new ways in which we are working. More online content and hybrid events to support members and keep you connected.

3. Financially stable – investing in the right services to enable HFMA to transform itself into new areas of growth and support for its members.  

4. Promoting environmental sustainability best practice – signalling our commitment to promoting best practice and current approaches to environmental sustainability across NHS finance. 
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