About the HFMA
The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) is the professional body for finance staff in healthcare. For nearly 70 years, it has provided independent and objective advice to its members and the wider healthcare community. It is a charitable organisation that promotes best practice and innovation in financial management and governance across the UK health economy through its local and national networks.

The association also analyses and responds to national policy and aims to exert influence in shaping the wider healthcare agenda. It has particular interest in promoting the highest professional standards in financial management and governance and is keen to work with other organisations to promote approaches that really are ‘fit for purpose’ and effective.

The HFMA offers a range of qualifications in healthcare business and finance at undergraduate and postgraduate level and can provide a route to an MBA in healthcare finance. The qualifications are delivered through HFMA’s Academy which was launched in 2017 and has already established strong learner and alumni networks.
Our vision

The vision that inspires us is a world where we see:
'Better quality health and social care through effective use of resources’.   

Our mission

HFMA’s mission is to represent and support health and social care finance professionals through the influencing of health and social care policy, promoting best practice and providing high quality Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and education.

Strategic objectives

HFMA 2017-20 is our new three year strategy. It sets out for our members, customers and stakeholders the vision and strategy that we want to achieve to help UK healthcare achieve its goals. It highlights four key objectives and how we will deliver them. The strategy will help us move forward, grow and better serve our members.

The strategy is governed by several over-riding themes:

  1. The over-riding objective is to ensure that HFMA remains relevant and financially stable as a vehicle to support an NHS facing a continued period of funding constraint.  
  2. The Association will draw upon its reserves, where appropriate, to maintain affordable and accessible programmes.  
  3. It will invest in services to enable HFMA to transform itself into new areas of growth and support for its members.  
  4. The next three years will see the Association strive to take advantage of new opportunities in education and re-align its overall offering to members and the NHS. 
  5. To assist with the quest for value and provide a better service the HFMA will move towards becoming a digital organisation through the use of smarter technology. 
  6. Through the use of digital technology HFMA will aim to become a learning and sharing organisation, a true ‘one stop shop’ resource for members.

Read our new strategic plan. 

Equal opportunities

It is the Association’s policy to treat all applicants, employees, clients, suppliers and contacts in the same way, regardless of sex, marital status, sexual orientation, religious belief, gender re-assignment, race, colour, nationality, age, ethnic or national origins, religion and disability. We seek to promote this philosophy at every opportunity, across all areas including recruitment, employment, terms and conditions, training and development, promotion and service delivery. By using this approach we should attract, retain and motivate good calibre staff; create an environment which makes the most effective use of those who work for us; be viewed as a good employer and maintain our high reputation as an organisation amongst our customers and within the local community.